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Hernie's Biography

     A true Florida son, Hernie Vann was born right here in Tampa and grew up in East Tampa. 

From the beginning, he was singled out as an artist. His teachers could always count on him to be original in the art of making the classroom a creative place for learning. After graduating from Hillsborough High School, Hernie went to the University of Tampa for a year.

     The outbreak of the Korean War interrupted his education and Hernie enlisted in the United States Coast Guard.

     After spending four years in the Coast Guard, he then went back to the University of Tampa to earn a degree in Art Education. Upon graduation he went to work for the Hillsborough County School Department of Education and taught art for 35 years.

      During this time, Hernie managed to go back to school to earn a MA Degree at the University of South Florida. Hernie also spent time teaching in Junior College as well as Adult Education.

     Hernie's art has always been a significantly important part of his life.  His painting style and techniques vary from impressionism to realism, depending on his feelings at the time and subject matter.  However, he enjoys painting Florida scenes realistically.  Hernie feels that it is very important to try to paint Florida's landcapes as he saw them as a child growing up in the wildness that was here not too long ago.  He paints his Florida landcapes and trompe l'oeils in acrylic with attention to the gorgeous light and ambience that signifies the beauty of Florida.

Artist statement, "I really enjoy painting Florida scenes! A lot of Florida is no longer there. Painting seems to remind me of the old days when I hunted and fished along the river and streams here in Hillsborough County.  Places that are no longer there. It is nice to remember them as they once were.

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phone 813 949-8832